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Baldness is a combined state of hair tining, falling out and no new hair growing. Baldness is most commonly seen on older men. There are several causes why baldness occurs. It can be hereditary, caused by chemotherapy, skin disorder, tumor or it could be aging. The most common cause is heredity.There is no permanent solution to baldness problem. If it is heredity or aging that is causing the baldness, not much can be done except hair loss prevention. If chemotherapy is the cause, there are medications the doctor can proscribe to treat the baldness. For hair to grow back again, it may take several months. Balding by skin infection is fully treatable by medications.

How can a person stimulate hair growth?

There are several general ways one can prevent balding. One should not wear his hair too tightly because it strains the roots of the hair making them weaker and weaker over time. Regular exercise increases the blood flow of all of the body, including the scalp, helping the scalp to receive more nutrients. Non smoking, regular eating and sleeping habits contribute to low stress level. High stress level is very exhausting on the whole of the body but the effect of high stress life for many a man is clearly visible on their hair. Practicing meditation helps to alleviate the accumulated stress. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

There are several natural ways to feed your hair, so to speak. Mixing coconut, mustard and castor oil in equal quantities makes a balm highly nutritious and effective for stopping hair fall and for stimulating hair growth. Apply the balm and than leave it on for the night. In the morning wash it with a mild shampoo. Another balm is made by mixing grinned black pepper, lemon seeds and water. This balm is very effective for localized baldness. One can also try to rub the back of one\'s fingers on the scalp vigorously for 15 min a day. This stimulates blood circulation of the scalp and helps in getting more nutrition to the roots of the hair. Results of this massage are not visible over a short period of time. It takes about 6 months for a visible result, but it pays to be persistent.

Balding is not permanently curable, except for hair transplantation, which is expensive and painful. The best way to keep the hair on one\'s head is to treat it with attention and care. That way the balding may never arise.

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