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Squats without weights

There are two basic types of workout and out of those two several more forms have emerged. But the basics are the same, cardio (aerobic) type and muscle building (anaerobic) type. Each of those types is increasing the healthy state of the organism, which is the most important thing, although in different ways.

Cardio workout

Cardio workout type utilizes the oxygen for performing the muscle contraction and that enables the muscles to perform certain exercise for a long period. Of course, strength used, or we should say contraction is set at very low intensity and that is why there is no lactic acid accumulated, which leads to tiredness of the muscles. Types of exercises that can be performed for cardio workout are running and swimming as basic forms. Even weight lifting is allowed, but with really low weight values.

Muscle mass workout

This type of workout is all about fast, explosive contractions that are used for subduing high weight values. Since there is no time for oxygen to be involved, lactic acid starts to accumulate, which exhausts the muscles and therefore, these exercises cannot be done for too long, so, higher the weight lifted, shorter the exercise is. This type is excellent for increasing the muscle mass and is used in bodybuilding. To maintain constant muscle mass increase, it is important to add more weight after some time, when exercising becomes easier. 

Types of exercise

There are several basic exercises that should be done no matter what type of workout is done. Squats are one of those exercises that should be applied in various forms and with different intensity. Usually, squats are performed with weights. Again, in this case too, there is a rule that says more weight, more muscles is applied. Some experts also say that squats without weights should also be applied, especially if a person is a beginner when it comes to exercises. Additional weight should not be used immediately because it can put a lot of strain, particularly on the knees, thus provoking some kind of unwanted injury. When performing squats, with or without weights, it is important for a posture to be proper. Backbone has to be as straight as possible, feet positioned in a shoulder width and when going up, hands can be at side or in front of the body. It has to be emphasized that squats without weights have the same positive effects as squats with weights.

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