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Corn – skin condition background

This specific skin condition is characterized by the change in skin consistency, i.e., by the hardening of the skin in the toe area and also in subcutaneous tissue. This skin growth is familiar to many, especially because it is quite unpleasant and most of all painful.

Most common symptoms and causes

When it comes to symptoms and their manifestation, it should be known that these are most often occurring in the area over the toe joints and on the soles of person’s feet. Their build resembles that of an upside down pyramid, with the apex turned inwards deep into the skin. Though representing a condition related to the skin thickening, when touched, they are fairly tender and cause a lot of pain. When it comes to main reasons and causes of their formation, what should be pointed out is that the primary culprit is bad and unfitting footwear, which causes additional and excessive pressure upon toes and skin and thus as a direct consequence brings about corns.

Home remedies and treatment

• Liquorice – this is regarded as one of the most effective and result yielding home remedies for corn, and not only this, but is considered to be an essential. The easiest way of applying it is by making a paste, which is done when three to four sticks are ground and mixed with one half tea spoon containing sesame or mustard oil. The mixture is then to be applied on the area of the thickened skin, prior to going to bed. What this causes is the softening of the skin and diminishing of the corn.

• Lemon – is yet another extremely important home remedy for corns. The method of employment includes cutting fresh lemon into slices, which are then to be tied around the finger on which a corn has appeared, and leave it there till morning.

• Raw Papaya – aside from being a tasty and health beneficial food, it is also fairly beneficial in treating this awkward skin condition. Its power lies in its juice, which is known to have properties of an irritant and thus makes it a perfect remedy for this problem. It is best to take half a teaspoon of juice made from raw papaya and apply it at least three times in the course of the day.

Other recommended home treatment remedies and methods include the employment of green figs, chalk powder, soaking legs in solution made of water and Epsom salts, making a powder out of five to six Aspirin tablets mixed with water and lemon juice, castor oil and soaking in warm water (at least 15 minutes), to name those most frequently used ones.

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