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Joint pain can have two causes; one is joints inflammation, and it happens usually if you overuse or overstretch yourself and inflammation and pain can be sometimes severe. Second cause is bursitis, inflammation of a little sac filed with fluid that acts as cushion between bones, muscles and tendons in the joints. Joint pain is also one of several symptoms of arthritis.

Causes of joint pains are many; in could be from strain, arthritis, injury, tendon inflammation or injury, bursitis, if you overuse yourself in some sport or other physical activity, or joint injury.

There are some pain killers and anti inflammation medicaments that you can buy yourself, or your doctor can prescribe some to you, but there is a list of things, tips and advices that you can do at your home, in order to help yourself and relieve symptoms of joint pain.

Rubs and oilsMassage performed on sore or painful spot can be very beneficial. You should use olive oil for gentle massage of your painful joints, it is very effective. You can also use camphor rub, in the mixture where you mix one teaspoon of sunflower together with one teaspoon of camphor oil, and massage the affected areas with it. You can also try to mix one part of kerosene oil with two part of olive oil, it is an excellent pain relief. You can try with Arthcare oil, because besides pain relievement, it strengthens the muscles, too. One of home remedies is mixture of menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor and methyl salicylate, that you can use it as a rub.

There are also some food and supplements that can be very helpful in easing the pain and relaxes the muscles, around inflamed joint. Apple cider vinegar is one of it; it has shown most beneficial results. You can mix two teaspoons of his vinegar and two teaspoon of honey with hot water. You should also tray to increase your oil rich omega 3 fatty acid food and vitamins.

You can try to drink 15 grams of fresh bathu juice every day, on empty stomach. This has proven to be excellent home remedy for joint pains. You should also drink plenty of water to cleanse your body. You can also try some water based exercises; it should relax your muscles and relieves your pain.

You can also try to alternatetively apply cold and hot on your sore spot. This should help you with your joint pain. Bananas, garlic and carrot juice can also help you with joint pain, if you use them in your daily diet.

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