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Boil is a painful, inflamed, pus-skinned swelling on the skin, caused by a localized infection. The nodule becomes bigger to the point when it breaks down. Pus is a yellowish and white liquid matter that is produced in some infections. Those infections may be caused by bacteria, white corpuscles etc. If a person suffers from boils, then feelings of irritation and itching are experienced. It may occur on one spot, or there may be several boils.

The causes for developing boils are mainly staphylococcus germs. They are introduced in the sweat glands or hair follicles. As we said earlier, bacteria can also be a cause for creating boils. Apart from these causes, the most often cause is a toxic condition in the blood.

In this article, certain home medications and cures for boils will be presented. The boil has to ripe in order to burst and allow the fluid that is filled with bacteria, to come out. By applying onion and garlic juice one can speed up this process. Another cure is made of 1 teaspoon or fresh bitter guard juice and this can do wonders. It has to be drunk slowly before eating, every day for a few weeks. Something that also helps in ripening of the boils is a mixture of milk cream and vinegar with a little turmeric powder. There are other home made remedies that can help in the handling the boils like betel leaves, cumin seed, margosa leaves and steep parsley.

Turmeric powder is a helpful remedy in a wide spectra of conditions. In this case, a turmeric powder speeds up the process healing. It should be consumed for 7 days.

People who have had experience with boils suggest fast. First, the fast should begin with orange juice (half water and half juice). Then, it should be continued with a diet. In this case, it is best to consult with nutritionist so that he/she could determine what kind of a diet is best suited for you. In most cases, a diet includes fresh vegetables and fruit. This helps so that your body would be able to fight against infection. Everything that contains fat and sugary carbohydrates should be removed from the diet. Bowels can be emptied by using a warm water enema. A bath in the Epsom salt contributes in boil treatment and it should be done two or three times per week.

To sum up in one sentence, by leading a healthy life and consuming vegetables and fruit one can prevent oneself from this irritable condition.

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