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Characteristics of Scalp Zits

This skin problem involves continuousappearance of zits, pimples or even acne upon a person's scalp. Thesecause irritation and itching, causing the person suffering from themto scratch his or her head often. Also, this condition causes ondifficulties while combing hair, each contact with the zits resultingin pain and discomfort. Finally, even though a person may have largebumps on the scalp area, being these pimples, they are usually wellconcealed by hair and practically invisible. However, that does notmake them less uncomfortable for the person suffering from them.

Reasons Behind Scalp Zits

Similarly to any facial skin problems,this condition is caused by abnormally active sebaceous glands. Theseglands, originally in charge of producing the oil which moisturizesour skin, produce more of this oil causing the pores on our skin toclog. The same happens on our scalp. Due to this oil overproduction,excess of it gets out of the small pores on our scalp. Eventually,this oil clogs the tiny pores, causing bacteria to take action insideof them. This results in the appearance of zits. Furthermore, if thissituation is left unattended, an infection may develop, making thingsworse, turning zits into acne. Therefore, adequate treatment isnecessary. This way,we may prevent the possible escalation of this problem.

Possible Treatment of Scalp Zits

First and foremost, you should makesure you use a correct type of shampoo for your hair. Since scalpzits usually affect people with oily and greasy hair, they shouldchoose shampoos adequate for their hair type.

Secondly, application of salicylic acidor benzoyl peroxide upon the troublesome spots may be of greatassistance. Use a cotton stick or a similar means of accessing thezit and apply this substance only after washing your hair. Make sureyou apply it onto the zits only. Vinegar is another alternative forthese purposes. Namely, after washing your hair and drying it with a towel, you are to pour vinegar on your scalp and massage itinto the zits, acne or whatever is causing you problems. After doingthis, wait a bit for it to dry and then wash the hair again in orderto get rid of the unpleasant vinegar smell. Alternatively, soda watermay be used instead of vinegar.

Additionally, baby powder is anexcellent choice for your scalp care. It will absorb all the theexcessive oil, therefore, reducing chances of zit development. Applyit on your scalp and massage it around the troublesome spots.Afterward, brush the excessive powder off your hair.

Finally, you may settle for some othercosmetic products made for these purposes. If all else fails,however, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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