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There are the numerous home remedies for the treatment of a runny nose. A runny nose is annoying and can lead to potentially serious conditions like coughing, earaches and severe sinus problems.

The most common cause of a runny noise is the abundance of various toxins in the nostrils. Washing the nostrils with a saltwater solution is one of the simplest ways to clear out all the harmful toxic substances.

It is an uncomfortable process but it brings remarkable results. Ordinary salt gets dissolved in warm water and then gets into the nostrils by means of a dropper. After inhalation, one should blow the nose so that all nasal discharge and excess water can come out.

Spicy foods like curry or hot peppers can also be very efficient as a home remedy for a runny nose. These types of food can help in curing of a runny nose and they also clear up the nasal congestion. Spicy foods are helpful because they increase the nasal discharge temporarily and by doing so they help the body flush out all the harmful toxic substances and blockage which cause the running of the nose.

Beside these properties, spicy foods like ginger and cayenne pepper warm up the person by providing increased circulation. Plain mustard oil can also solve the problem of a runny nose. It should we heat just a little bit and then inserted into the nose by a dropper. Mustard oil has a very strong scent which causes difficult breathing, so one should do one nostril at a time to avoid the difficulties.

The common garden variety of thyme can also work wonders as a home remedy for a runny nose. Dry thyme should be crushed until it is in the form of powder. The powder should be inhaled gently. Thyme oil can be used in the same way as mustard oil in the aforementioned process. Turmeric is beneficial for many ailments including a runny nose. Ground turmeric should be soaked dry in linseed oil, and then heated until it starts to smolder. The smoke produced by the heating process should be carefully inhaled through the nose.

One can also prop the head during sleep in order to get rid of a runny nose as fast as possible. This method is helpful because it drains the nasal discharge and does not let it run down the throat and trigger coughing and earache.

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