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An Uncomfortable Fit

Having a runny nose for a longer periodof time can be quite annoying, both for you and the people aroundyou. It prevents you from both breathing and speaking properly,with constant urge to blow nose, causing the characteristicnoise one immediately connects with mucus extraction. A runny nosemay be triggered by many different factors. Some of these are havinga flu or a cold, experiencing an allergic reactions whereby your noseexperiences discomfort in the presence of some unwanted airsubstances inside of it and many others. Although, a runny nosepresents a symptom of something else and usually returns to normal onits own, it can be more persistent if being caused by a more seriousunderlying disease. Nevertheless, there are things a person might doin order to stop or reduce the effects of having a runny nose.

Means of Stopping a Runny Nose

First and foremost, one of the mosteffective cures for numerous illnesses and fits is the solution ofwater and salt. As far as your runny nose is concerned, all you haveto do is to mix one tablespoon of salt with eight ounces of water.Then, by using a dropper, insert the solution into each of theproblematic nostrils, leave it to have an adequate effect and thenblow your nose to expel the mucus. Warm mustard oil may be applied toyour nostrils the same way, having the same effect.

Secondly, you may consider eatingginger or some spicy food. While ginger helps you through increasingyour blood circulation thereby reducing the production of all theunwanted mucus inside your nose, spicy food does the opposite butserves a good purpose. Namely, by increasing mucus production, spicyfood makes it easier to blow out all the unwanted things from yournose, reducing our organism's need for a runny nose, thus stoppingthe process.

One of the best ways of clearing yournasal airways is to breathe in steam. All you need to do is pour hotwater in a bigger container and place your head above it, having atowel over both your head and the water container. Then, for a longerperiod of time, try to breathe in steam and experience you runny nosegetting less and less prominent.

Additionally, we all know that immunityfights off diseases. Therefore, we should drink herbal tea both forpreventing and curing our runny nose. Finally, we should drinksufficient amounts of water in order to compensate for its lossthrough the mucus we expel while suffering from a runny nose. Thus,follow these steps and stay out of the things which irritate yournose, protecting and keeping it healthy.

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