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Rosacea is a skin disorder characterized by redness in cheeks, nose and parts of the forehead. Since it is often triggered by stress, rosacea can be very frustrating as it causes unattractive flushing of the face. Fortunately, there are many great home remedies that can help with this problem.

Rosacea symptoms and causes

The main symptom of rosacea is redness of the face, which is usually localized to certain parts of the face, especially cheeks and the area around the nose, but it sometimes affects the entire body. Flushing of the complete face is probably the worst symptom of this disorder. As the skin turns red, it also becomes warm and sometimes even hot. Rosacea can also cause eye irritation.

There are several different factors that can lead to rosacea. It can be triggered by alcohol consumption, stress, heat and spicy food and humidity, different emotional states like excitement, embarrassment, fear and surprise. Exposure to sunlight is another important factor that triggers rosacea.

Home remedies for rosacea

One of the best home remedies for rosacea is chamomile. Dried chamomile flowers need to be boiled in some water and is left to cool off. After splashing the face with ice cold water, a cotton cloth dipped in chamomile tea is applied to the affected areas. Another great remedy is pure English lavender.

Vitamin A intake has been proven to be effective against rosacea, both for the treatment and prevention. Taking vitamin A supplements and eating foods rich in vitamin A are sure to reduce the intensity of rosacea flare-ups.

Mixture of turmeric powder and plain water can be applied to the parts of the face that are affected by rosacea. The paste prepared by mixing those ingredients should be left to dry up on the face and then gently scrubbed off. In case turmeric leaves stains on the skin, it should be enough to just wash them with lukewarm water. Turmeric can also be taken orally, one teaspoon of it with one glass of water.

Tea tree oil can be very useful too. It is recommended to apply it once a day, preferably in the evening, but for severe cases of rosacea it can be applied several times a day.

As for the eye irritation that often accompanies rosacea, it is recommended to clean the eyes with pure cold water and to apply a thin coat of lavender oil underneath the eyes.

Multivitamin supplements, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium are highly recommended for people who suffer from rosacea. A well-balanced diet is also essential in the battle against this frustrating skin disorder.

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