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Stuffy or runny nose means that something is blocking the nasal passages. It can cause breathing difficulty, bad breath or a terrible odour. Nasal polyps are common with children, and polyps can block the nasal passages. Any kind of structural abnormality given at birth or a life caused injury also can obstruct nasal passages. Any object in the nose has to be removed and checked with doctor after the procedure. And this is very important.

Runny nose can be cured at home, but it maybe a symptom of more serious conditions or illnesses. If symptoms are bad and last more then 10 days and there are further symptoms present, it is time to visit doctor. The symptoms are: sudden bad breath, thick nose discharge, headache or head and face pain, coughing up mucus, fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit and history of frequent sinus infections.


It is good to frequently blow to remove nasal excess mucus. For sore nostrils it is good to apply a little petroleum jelly. If the reason of a runny nose are allergies then it is useful to try an antihistamine. It is good to combine a decongestant and antihistamine but it is better to consult a doctor . Using tissues to prevent bacteria spreading is a must.


This means to steam off stuffiness in nose. For instance, a hot shower or hot kettle and bent over steam inhalation. Steam shrinks the swollen mucous membrane and drains nasal passages. It is good to add menthol or eucalyptus in the water. Also exercise is useful as there is a natural decongestant in adrenaline release that reduces swollen blood vessels. There are decongestant medications in pharmacies. It is better to use oral than nasal, beacse nasal decongestants lasts for a shorter period.


Nose relief is the main treatment. A saline nasal spray keeps the nose moist and reduces nasal symptoms right away. Saline nasal spray makes the nose more resistant to irritants as well. Plenty of fluids are also recommended. Hydrating keep the sinuses and nose moist and the usage of a humidifier to keep the air moist. It is also good to avoid all other irritants and take a lot of herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals.

Side Effects Nose Ease Medications

Medications applied to a runny nose usually dry out the nose, or improve blood flow to the mucous membrane. A side effect can be a swollen nose. There are medications to be used in such cases like erectile dysfunction drugs, anti anxiety drugs, diuretics, birth control pills, nasal decks and beta blockers.

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