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A runny nose is a medical condition which involves a nasaldischarge of mucus. It can be thick or thin, and it can be clear, yellow orgreen. It is not a serious medical condition and it commonly accompanies headinjuries, nasal obstructions, sinusitis, allergies, hay fever, common colds,influenza and different sorts of bacterial infections.

The Treatment

If a runny nose gets triggered by an allergic reaction, onemust determine what allergens causes the harmful allergy. Elimination andgradual reintroduction of individual food items may be the best possible way todo it. Vacuum cleaning the home as often as possible may also be of great helpin reducing the occurrence of allergic reactions, especially in those who areallergic to dust. One should also use only unscented and hypo-allergenic skincare products and cosmetics. Consuming plenty of fluids for proper hydrationand using a vaporizer or a humidifier is highly recommended. Various types ofsaline sprays can be of great help because they keep the mucus thin and preventthe development of infections. Nasal douche is one of the best types of homeremedies for a runny nose. A runny nose may be triggered by certain types ofprescription and nonprescription medicaments. One should avoid using excessiveamounts of such medications. Antihistamines can be of some help because theyare very efficient in reducing the production of mucus. Nasal sprays should beused only for a few days.

Over-The-Counter Runny Nose Medicines

The most commonly used antihistamines which can be of greathelp when it comes to the treatment of a runny nose include flunisolide,traimcinolone, budesonide, beclomethasone and Zyrtec. One may also use zinc inthe form of nasal sprays and lozenges. Decongestant sprays like otrivin anddifferent types of glucocorticoids such as Prednisone and triamcilone can also beof great help, but they sometimes trigger certain side effects. Congestions inthe nose can be removed by using mild steroid sprays such as fixonase.

Home Remedies for Runny Nose

Breathing in some steam of lukewarm water mixed in with 3tablespoons of salt can be of great help in getting the excess mucus out of thenose. Proper hydration is very important. One should avoid all caffeinated andalcoholic beverages. Any herbal tea should help relieve the condition. Chewingon ginger is another efficient home remedy for a runny nose. Honey can be mixedin with lime juice and water as well.

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