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When we get old, certain spots will appear on our faces. They have many names. Some of them are sun spots, lentigines and liver spots. These spots usually preffer hands, but they like to alienate the face as well. These spots are usually caused by exposure to the sun.
Which are the symptoms that this condition produces?
The spots are almost always brown. And they can be persistent. The next text is meant for everybody who has tried medicating, but failed to see the results. When drugs don't work, we turn to home remedies. But first let's say that these spots are created when the pigment or melanin in our bodies is gathered in one location, because of the effects of the sun.
We will start with the lemon juice. Many cases show that this remedy can give results in just a few months. You need to put it on the spot, twice a day. Another mix you can use is the one of blended onion and apple cider vinegar. The results can not be seen before five months. Normally, the mentioned mixture has to be applied on the brown spot. Taking only apple cider vinager can also lead to a positive effect. Try drinking a glass of water with several apple cider vinegar drops. Some cannot stand the taste of the vinegar. For those people, honey can be also added into the mix. Another mixture which proved to be effective can be made with rose water and sandal powder. This combination has to be applied for fifteen minutes, after which it should be removed. Mix of the radish, rosemary oil and lime juice can be used in the same way. These mixtures should eliminate the dark spots. Remember to avoid direct sunlight. Always have a sunscreen when you are outside of the house.
We will state few more items you can put on the spots. Those are onion juice (used on a cotton ball), vitamin E, castor oil and aloe vera. At the end, we will give you a one more mixture to use for the brown spots. Put 1/8 cup of organic apple cider, four cups of organic yogurt, four lemons and one teaspoon of aloe vera together and apply on the face. Lemon juice, or hydroquinone, needs to be used to remove the mix once it dries. These spots are quite benign, but in some cases they may be produced by the problems with liver or some nutritional deficits. So, consult your doctor for more advice.

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