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One of the most widespread conditions on the planet is measles, and children are mostly affected by this very discomforting condition. Almost every child will have to go throughout this period. People always think that it is better to experience this condition while young, since the effects can be more serious and discomforting for older people. The measles usually develop a week or two after the exposure to the virus, and the rash is evident quite soon. The first area affected by this rash is neck and head, and from here, rash spreads to the rest of the body. In the beginning, the rash is very light in color, but after some time, it will became darker. The rash is described as red and round spots, and after the rash, patients will experience chill, watery eyes, feverishness and dry cough. Measles will also be accompanied by diarrhea and fever, and, in extremely serious cases of measles, along with fever, hallucinations are possible.


Like every other conditions, measles can also lead to some complications. Some of them include bronchitis and ears abscesses, and the most dangerous possible complication is the brain damage. This condition is highly transferable and infectious. Some of the causes of the condition, except the transfer from another patient, include unhealthy lifestyle and improper feeding. As for the treatment of measles, home remedies can be used to ease the effects of measles. Digestive capability is one the affected elements, which is why people with measles very rarely experience hunger and thirst. The most common remedy used to reduce this effect is orange juice. Measles thirst can be eliminated with lemon juice. Take 15 ml to 25 ml of a mixture of water and lemon juice and drink it. Another mix you can use is the one of honey, half tablespoon of powdered turmeric root and gourd leaves. This mixture is considered to be one of the better and more effective remedies present. Use some liquid for cough. For the cough, you can use barley water, and you should use this remedy as frequent as possible. Another effective remedy is eggplant, which will make the immunity stronger. Take one gram of eggplant during three days. In the begging of this diet, drink a lot of fruit juice. Also try to avoid light. In order to remove toxins, we will have to try to lower the body temperature. For this, you can use mudpacks or warm water enema. And naturally, since it is highly contagious condition, avoid any contact if you are experiencing measles.

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