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Whiteheads is the popular name for this skin condition, but the official name is milia. When this problem occurs, people have pimples on their skin, and they can be developed on any area on the body. This condition is not very choosy; it affects man and women, young and old. It is very benign and can be eliminated without any kind of treatment, even after just a few weeks. Commonly, the newborn babies are very prone to milia, while older population may have to remove dead cells. This can be done with exfoliating scrub.

Home remedies

In the next part, we will discuss the possible home remedies you can use in order to speed up the process of milia removal, but first, let’s see what causes this condition. The most common causes are cosmetic products. Products with a lot of heavy oil and with very low quality need to be avoided, since they can produce this condition on the skin. Bed linen or rough clothes are another possible cause of milia. Some persons and newborns especially, are very sensitive. For some people using insensitive item which comes in contact with the skin, can produce milia. Sensitivity is also the key to the production of milia, and now we are talking about sensitivity to the sun. Some people can produce milia because of sun exposure.

As for the home remedies that can be used, drinking plenty of water every day is one of the simplest things that can be helpful, because that way you will remove toxins from your body and keep it well hydrated. By doing this, you will probably remove and prevent milia from reoccurring. Pomegranate is very popular because of its antioxidant abilities, which makes it a very good remedy for milia. Try using it together with lime juice. This mixture will need to be applied on the skin condition. A mix of vinegar and cornstarch needs to put on the milia in order to eliminate dead cells and consequently milia. This mix can be applied for 15-20 minutes after which it needs to be removed with warm and wet cloth. Next mix you can use is the one of water and fenugreek leaves. Rose water and sandal wood make a powerful duo in combating with milia. The epidermis, is the last layer on our skin, and when overcrowded with dead cells, it is the location for the creation of milia. The condition can be very discomforting if it is created on areas around eyes, for example. Be careful about your nutrition. Including vitamins, fats, mineral, carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and 7 cups of water every day in diet is needed during the treatment. For the prevention, use vitamin A derivative creams, sun creams with oil base and glycolic acid, which can be found in many cosmetic products.

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