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Eczema is a skin inflammation that occurs as a result of body systems toxicity. It is manifested in the form of ulcers or blisters that are prone to cracking and letting out a transparent liquid. Also, these blisters are followed with redness, itching, dryness and peeling skin. Eczema usually occurs on the hands, wrists, arms, neck, face, chest and back side of the knee. It can be dangerous in infants, but its symptoms gradually decrease with growing up.

Eczema can occur as a result of the allergies, varicose veins, disorders in the excretion of toxic substances from the body, metabolic disorders, cold and dry weather conditions and poor nutrition.

Eczema in addition to the official medical products can be treated with some home remedies such as:coconut oil, which helps in maintaining the softness of the skin a light mudpack which is proved as very effective in treating eczemasunbathing, which eliminates the bad bacteria mixture made of camphor and sandalwood, applied directly to the eczema can be of great help in its eliminating use of cold and wet compresses twice a day may also be helpful in overcoming the eczema direct application of paste made of turmeric and bitter neem leaves to the affected areas is another very effective home remedy for eczema, avoiding use of hygiene products that dry the skin, use a smooth mixture made of nutmeg and a few drops of water has also shown good results in treating eczema mint leaf juice and pulp made from almond leaves and water are also proved its effectiveness in alleviating eczemahome remedies made from mustard oil and fresh leaves of neem. It is necessary to cook this mixture until leaves become black. Then, mixture should cool down and distillate. The resulting oil should be applied on eczema, 4 times a day within a year, which will surely eliminate eczema and increase the chances that it will never return. remedy for oral use made from wormwood, kutki and a little water. In the evening it 4 grams of wormwood and 4 gr of kutki should be soaked in 125 gr of water and left it overnight. In the morning mixture should distillate and drinks the water. The described procedure should be repeated with the same content four days in a row. Thereafter, it is necessary to change the content. Using this drug for a period of 2-4 weeks removes eczema. gruel made from papaya seeds relieves itching caused by eczema carrots, muskmelon, and witch hazel are also shown as an excellent home remedy for the treatment of eczema.herbal soap facial cleanser made from olive or vegetable oil, finely chopped herbs, a few drops of aroma and oatmeal. The mixture boils until it becomes well united. Then it pours into the mold and leaves until it thickens. This soap can be used for regular cleaning of the face.

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