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The bitter gourd is also know as the bitter melon. Little known in the western world, it looks a bit like a cucumber. And, as it is, so little known, a lot less is known about the benefits of their consumption. There are two types of bitter melons. One grows for about 20cm in length, and is of pale green color, and the other one that grows for just about 10cm, and is of slightly darker green color. Both of them are getting bitterer, as they get ripe. So, when purchasing them, always look for the firmer ones. Bitter gourds are known to contain some substances which are in modern days used as a substitute for insulin. If a person is suffering from diabetes, it is very important to talk to your doctor before they become a part of a regular diet. They possess twice the amount of potassium than bananas, twice the beta-carotene than broccoli, twice the calcium than spinach and are very rich with iron. They are also loaded with a few kinds of vitamin B, with zinc, and are rich with fibers. The juice of these plants is beneficial in many ways. Diabetes has been known to be held under control due to plant insulin. And since this one is loaded with it, it is reasonable to come to conclusion that it will help with that kind of problem. In the early days, if one caught cholera, it could easily be beaten in early stages, if one was to drink bitter gourd leaves juice, mixed with garlic and lime juice on a daily basis.Since they have very high levels of beta-carotene that makes them best choice in treating eye and vision difficulties.For recovering from hangovers, and for liver recovery due to alcoholism, their juice is a very potent medicine. Their juice is a powerful booster for immune system. If our immune system is at a healthy level, the common disease cannot harm us, and we feel energized. Drinking their juice with some honey, dissolved in water every day, can help with the problems of the respiratory system. Everyday use of their juice is an energy boost. It is proven that they raise the stamina levels, and they help with sleeping disorders.It is known that they have a very good influence on psoriasis, and some other fungal infections like athletes feet. Mixed with lime juice, gourd juice is very good for treating various blood diseases.

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