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Boils and the most important facts

Boils are actually a form of a skin infection that is manifested through red, round and painful swelling, which usually appear on the neck, thighs, face and waist. These swellings are filled with pus, that in time become hard. They can appear anywhere, and the main cause is an increase in number of staphylococcus germs, at least in the majority of the cases. This might occur because of unhealthy habits regarding the consumption of food or alcohol, because of problems with bowel movements, or because of some disease that is chronic in nature. Depending on the cause, the doctor suggests treatment, because in the greatest number of cases, by treating the underlying condition, the boils disappear. Still, whichever the reason, it is highly recommended to address the doctor as soon as possible, because the sooner the treatment starts, the shorter the recovery period will be.

Home remedies for boils

Before turning to the treatment methods of conventional medicine, it might be a good idea to give the chance to several home remedies, which are said to be more than effective and helpful in the treatment of this unpleasant problem.

Garlic is the first on the list, particularly garlic extract. It can be applied over the boils, or garlic cloves (not more than 2 or 3) should be added to diet. Onion is the next suggestion, or onion extract, to be more precise. Raw onion has also proven to be helpful when added to diet. Parsley leaves should be boiled first, wrapped in some clean and perforated cloth, and then put over the boils. Bitter gourd extract is helpful when it is necessary to kill the germs and soothe the skin that is infected. If it is not easy to apply it over the boils, it can be taken along with lemon juice orally. Milk cream can be used too, but a good thing is to soak the slice of the bread in it and then cover the boils with it. Turmeric is definitely one of the oldest home remedies for a number of diseases, and when it comes to boils, turmeric powder should be used. First it should be roasted, then it should be used to make a paste, and only in that form should it be applied over the boils.

All the suggested home remedies will help in maturing and softening the boils, as well as in releasing the pus.

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