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Jaundice is the yellow staining of the skin and the white of the eye due to irregular liver function, as well as abnormally high levels of bile pigments in the blood, which is connected to the digestion.

Some of the symptoms include the tremendous weakness, poor appetite, headache, nausea and liver pain.

Jaundice can be caused by a variety of reasons, one of which is the inability of the body to discharge bile salts and pigments into the intestine due to some obstacle. Once the bile gets into the blood, the pigment reacts by affecting the color of the skin. As for the obstacle, it is usually a result of an infectious disease affecting the liver. In fact, any other possible causes of jaundice are in relation to some liver disorder. Some of them could be malaria, yellow fever or tuberculosis.

Home remedies for jaundice are numerous and can be exceedingly effective. Also, they are completely natural and evasive.

One of such is the juice of bitter luffa which can be extremely helpful, but unfortunately, it is not to be used by everyone as it can cause some side effects to the more fragile consumers, such as high fever or migraines. However, if one should decide to try this medicine, the way to use it would be to squeeze it into the hand through a cloth and insert it in the nostrils. Its effect will be the release of a considerable amount of toxins which will bring significant relief.

Another very valuable cure for jaundice are radish leaves. They are to be taken in just like the bitter luffa. They increase the appetite and help clear the bowels and the organism of harmful substances.

One of the more popular remedies for jaundice is tomato. Consuming freshly squeezed tomato juice with a pinch of salt and pepper every morning should help overcome this disease.

Another thing that can precipitate the recovery from jaundice is sugarcane juice with little lime juice. It is recommended to make it at home in order for it to be completely natural, as many artificial juices will have no effect whatsoever in combating jaundice.

Aside from the above-mentioned cures which help a speed the recovery from jaundice, there are a few basic rules which must be followed above all. Those consist of a diet therapy and physical rest.

The diet should be in the form of a juice fast for the first week, and followed by an all-fruit diet after that. Only then can one start to include carbohydrates in the diet. This is all in order to enable the bowels to cleanse and the digestive system to return to normal.

All the while the patient should make sure to have sufficient physical rest and not exhaust themselves with too much exercise.

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