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There are many remedies for a quick relief of gaseous distention but some of them also provide long term solutions and improve digestion.

Two cloves of garlic taken in the morning will control flatulence and significantly reduce the occurrence of gas. Garlic soup also greatly decreases intestinal gas and increases the power of the digestive tract. Flatulence can be caused by eating too much, lack of appetite, insufficient digestive capacities and various chronic intestinal problems, but garlic soup can help a lot with these conditions.

Chooran pills and powders are also great for good digestion after eating too much, especially with fried food. Most of these types of remedies are actually made of combinations of spices that usually get used for cooking on a daily basis. Asafetida can be dissolved in water for the decrease of gas because of its antiflatulent and antispasmodic properties. Some people may not like it because of its pungent taste and flavor. Roasted teaspoonful of cumin is a preparation which will nicely take care of gas caused by flatulence. When it is boiled in water it efficiently decreases the flatulence but causes no stomach irritation properties.

Ajwain can also be made as a decoction in order to treat flatulence and the gas it causes. It can also be taken with pineapple. Nicely soaked in the decoction overnight, the slices of pineapple will provide a very tasty solution to the flatulence. One just has to squeeze them so all the essence gets extracted into the decoction. Once filtered, it can be ingested as a remedy. Pineapple contains a very beneficial digestive ferment called bromehn which promotes digestion and is great for the reduction of flatulence. Pregnant women should avoid pineapple in any form because of its abortifacent properties.

There is also one quick recipe which is also amazing in relieving flatulence and reducing gas. It contains a few crushed grains of fenugreeks seeds and just a few pinches of sonchal. Sonchal is a pink variety of natural rock salt. One quarter teaspoonful of sonchal should be dissolved in a glass of ordinary water and ingested in the morning, on an empty stomach. The solution possesses carminative properties and instantly decreases the formation of gas.

Another efficient recipe includes taking two small pieces of dry ginger and boiling them in dilute milk. After adding just a pinch of rock salt it should be ingested warm just before bedtime. By morning, all the gas will be removed and the person will feel light and hungry.

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