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Insomnia or inability to sleep is usually a symptom, not adisease by itself. Sleep is an important part of our everyday life it givesyour body time to rest and recuperate. It boosts your immune system and improvesyour memory and concentration, too.

The amount of sleeping hours may vary from 16 hours innewborn babies, school kids sleep about 9 and adults need 6 or 7 hours. It’snot just the duration of sleep that counts you should be getting quality sleep which means uninterrupted peaceful sleep every night. If you are tired or sleepyall the time, every day, perhaps it is time to consult the doctor about yoursleeping habits.

Lack of sleep could be just a short term symptom, lasting one orcouple of nights, caused by the change of settings or changed bed, or it can occurevery once in a while or be a chronic status. Insomnia could be the result of some mental tension some seriousor chronic diseases, or just a reaction to overindulgence in tea and coffee.

So, what can you do when you just can’t sleep?

If you are practicing yoga, you probably don’t have insomniaproblems. But for those who don’t exercise, yoga asanas (poses) could beeffective – try some forward bends or inversion poses. Or try to control yourbreathing, breathe deeply and slowly. It should quiet and calm your body andmind.

You should go to bed every night and get up in the morningapproximately at the same time every day. Regular exercise will help you getsome better sleep, try jogging or swimming, or just walking.

Some home remedies includes poppy seeds. 2 tablespoons ofpoppy seeds in a glass of milk, lightly sweetened, taken after dinner, shouldhelp you to sleep. Grained nutmegs, pippali root powder in a cup of milk withhoney or with the pinch of cinnamon are some other insomnia remedies. Banana mashwith roasted cumin seed, a teaspoon of valerian juice taken right before yougo to bed, could be efficient too.

Hot packs and hot footbaths are recommended also, and if youare experiencing mild case of insomnia you could use oranges juice, with somewater and sweetened with honey.

Any herbal tea, if decaffeinated would help in insomnia.

Listen to some of your favorite music, just make sure it issoft and not too loud.

Some people say that they sleep best when their feet are facingsouth and the head north.

Count the sheeps! Your brain will concentare on the task andit will relax you and make you asleep in no time.

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