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White Spots on a Person's Face

There are cases of phenomenon called white spots on the face.Moreover, they happen quite often. There are many different reasonsbehind them, but one of the main is loss of skin pigmentation causedby some kind of an underlying condition. These conditions may differin seriousness and severity. In the same manner, white spots on face may indicate either a minor problem or something far moredangerous.

Reasons Behind White Spots on aPerson's Face

One of the most common reasons for thiscondition's appearance is vitiligo. This is the name of a skindisorder manifesting through the disappearance of melanin-producingcells. Once these cells are gone, we lose the pigmentation on ourskin. As a result, we may have these white spots appearing on eitherour face or our rectal and genital areas. This condition is oftenmistaken for being pityriasis alba. However, the latter is quitesimilar, with the exception of having melanin cell productiondecreased instead of removed. Pityriasis alba results in appearanceof thin, white lines on a person's face.

Alternatively, excessive sun rayexposure may have a negative effect upon your face, triggering theformation of white spots, among other anomalies. Apart from appearingon a person's face, it may show itself on any given body part whichhave been exposed to more sun than recommended.

Finally, white spots may be triggeredby a fungal infection. This type of fungi may infect someone's face,neck, back and many other body parts, creating white spots which onlyget worse while exposed to sun. Also, people living in places whichhave a higher degree of humidity are more prone to developing thisinfection, since this specific type of fungus prefers thisenvironment.

Possible Treatment

Each underlying condition needs to betreated differently. However, once you know the causes for each ofthem, you may also be aware of how to deal with them. In any cases offungal or bacterial infections, you might consider using numerousantiseptic lotions, creams, soaps and other different products, so asto remove the harmful microorganisms from your skin. Washing yourface at least two times a day, alternatively using apple cidervinegar while doing it, may prove to be more than helpful. Make sureyou exfoliate your face, removing the outer layers of dead skin,causing the white spots to vanish eventually as well.

You may consider applying some naturalremedies topically onto the troublesome spots. Green tea, honey andcinnamon, ginger and garlic paste, aloe vera pulp as well as manyother natural cures may be used for these purposes.

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