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Warts are the little bumps on the skin that may come in different shapes and most commonly appear on the hands and feet, although they can affect just about any part of the body.

They are not considered to be dangerous, but they are unappealing and some people feel embarrassed by them. Apart from them being unaesthetic, they can also cause itching, pain or similar discomfort.

There are many ways to remove a wart via medical treatment, but there are also several home remedies that are proven to be effective. However, most home remedies for warts take some time to produce results, so if a person for some reason needs to remove the wart right away, it is better to see a doctor who may recommend one of the procedures with immediate effect.

Warts are usually caused by a virus that can be present in the body for a while before it causes a visible condition. This happens when the immune system is impaired due to stress, malnutrition, bad dietary habits or another medical condition. This means that a person who wants to remove warts also has to work on his or her immune system, in most cases through a healthier diet.

As for the home remedies for warts, one of the most effective is apple cider vinegar. There are two ways of applying it. One is soaking in a mixture of warm water with one cup of vinegar for 20 minutes every day. The other method is more practical for areas that are hard to reach. It takes one cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar, attached onto the skin with a band aid and left overnight. This remedy is effective thanks to the acid that eats away the top layers of the wart, without harming the surrounding healthy skin.

The duct tape method is one of the most popular for removing warts, probably because it is very cheap and simple. All it takes is a piece of duct tape attached so it covers the wart completely. It should stay on for six days, during which time the immune system will do it’s job and fight the wart. After six days, the wart can be easily filed with a pumice stone or a similar item.

Another way is to put salicylic acid on the wart before bedtime and to cover it with tape. Each morning when the tape is removed a piece of wart goes with it.

Banana peel can be an effective remedy against warts. The inside of the peel is rubbed onto the wart, and the potassium it contains will penetrate the skin and affect the wart.

Aloe Vera does magic for so many conditions and illnesses, and it helps fight warts too. Cotton balls soaked in some Aloe vera gel are attached to the skin with a band aid and this is repeated until the wart falls off.

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