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Melasma is the medical term for a skin disorder related to the changing of the color of the skin, and the person who develops this condition has many brown patches formed on the facial skin. When the pigment melatonin is overproduced, it creates brown patches on the face.

Causes of melasma

Melasma mainly occurs in pregnant women due to the hormonal imbalance which may induce excess manufacture of melatonin. Furthermore, too much exposure to the sun when it is at its most intense blaze may also lead to the development of melasma, which may also occur in the people suffering from overactive thyroid gland and in women who take birth control pills or estrogen and progesterone pills.

Natural remedies for melasma

When one comes to experience this skin disorder, he/she usually first tries to cure it by some natural remedies before consulting a doctor.

Lemon juice is regarded to be the best natural treatment for this ugly discoloration of the skin. The brown patches of melamsa can be successfully removed by everyday application of the fresh lemon juice on the face. The person can even notice the improvement of the skin appearance almost every day if he/she uses it continually every day. The discolored skin is removed due to the citric acid present in the lemon juice, which scraps the superficial layer of the skin safely. Melasma can also be effectively healed by onion. The slices of onion should be soaked into the vinegar and then put on the affected skin. Furthermore, the onion juice mixed with the vinegar in equal amounts can also remove these ugly brown patches on the facial skin. Melasma can be completely cured after a couple of weeks of using this natural remedy. Apple cider vinegar is also very potent when treating brown spots on the facial skin. The equal amounts of white apple cider vinegar and water should be applied on the brown patches. Apple cider vinegar has the same pH value as the skin in the humans, so it is very good remedy for treating many skin disorders. Healthy skin can be restored by the use of Aloe Vera gel on the affected skin area. The affected skin should be massaged with the cold gel every day and the person with melasma can see how the brown patches slowly disappear. The pigmentation can also be decreased by the application of the solution made of aloe vera oil, vitamin E and primrose oil just once in a week.

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