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Onychomycosis is a contagious infection caused by a certaingroup of Dermatophyte fungus. The fungi feed on the keratin surface that can befound on the toenails. When a toenail gets exposed to this type of infection,it becomes disfigured and discolored. This infection usually occurs on the bigand small toes but it can spread to other toenails and sometimes evenfingernails. The infected toenails become yellow or brown in color, they growthicker than normal and make the shoe wearing a painful thing to do.

The nailsbecome brittle and they leave a foul smell and are mostly likely covered in spotson the downside. This type of infection is usually caused by a prolongedcontact with damp areas like public gyms and swimming pools. Hosiery and tightshoes can also contribute to the development of the infection. The infectioncan easily spread to other toes and even other body parts. Certain otherfactors are also known as possible causes of fungal infections. These includes aweakened immune system, abnormal pH levels of the skin and not drying off thefeet after exercises, swimming or bathing.

There are numerous home remedies which can be used for anefficient treatment of this type of fungal infection. One can mix olive oil andtea tree oil and apply it topically and then rub it on the infected nail. Thissolution is very beneficial because of its potent antifungal and antisepticproperties. Another powerful antiseptic is Listerine mouthwash.

One can soakthe toes in a basin filled with it. A flat basin can also be filled with warmwater and apple cider vinegar. Soaking the feet in this mixture for up to 20minutes should provide great results. Dabbing the infected nail with cottongauze that has been sprayed with lavender oil and tea tree oil should also bevery beneficial because these substances have antibiotic properties and arevery efficient in fighting infections and preventing skin irritation. Oreganooil can be mixed with olive oil and applied topically on the infected nail.Oregano oil provides unbelievable results because it has extremely strongantiseptic, anti-parasitical, antibacterial, analgesic, anti viral andantifungal properties. Creams based on Alpha Hydroxy acid can also be of greathelp in fighting fungal infections.

One should ingest more probiotics and they can be found inkefir and yogurt. Olive leaf extract is another substance that is very helpful.Refined carbohydrates should be avoided. Washing and drying the feet aftervisiting public areas that are warm and wet. One should wear cotton socks only as well.

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