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Warts can appear anywhere on the body, including the face, but they most commonly affect the hands and feet. They can also affect genital area. They are not dangerous and do not pose a medical emergency. However, they can be painful, especially on the soles of the feet, and they certainly do not look nice. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to remove warts at home.

What are warts?

Warts are non-malignant growths on the skin, which may take different shapes and sometimes form clusters. They are caused by human papillomavirus, which usually penetrates the skin through a crack, a sore or a cut. The virus then causes warts, which can be removed but sometimes the virus remains in the body even after the wart is removed.

A virus can even be present in the body without causing a wart outbreak. However, certain triggers like emotional or physical stress, exhaustion, illnesses and impaired immune system can activate the virus and result in warts.

Home remedies for warts

There are many ways to remove a wart. They can also be removed surgically, usually by freezing or using a laser. However, there are also several ways to remove warts at home, without having to go to a doctor.

One of the best remedies for warts is apple cider vinegar. It can be diluted in water used for soaking the feet, or it can be used to make a lotion with lemon. For this remedy, lemon slices are soaked in some cider vinegar and left for two weeks. The solution is then applied to the wart using a cotton ball.

Tea tree essential oil can be very effective against warts. It has antiviral properties and it should be applied daily directly onto the wart using a cotton swab.

The body needs to be able to fight the virus so the warts do not reoccur. This means the immune system should be boosted, and it can be done using Echinacea. A dropper full of Echinacea tincture diluted in some water should be taken three times a day for ten days for best results.

Garlic is one of the nature’s best medicines. It has significant anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. For warts, several cloves of garlic should be crushed raw into a paste. Before applying the paste to the wart, it should be covered with some vitamin E, obtained from a capsule. After the vitamin E and the garlic are applied, the wart should be covered with a bandage which is removed after 24 hours. The blister should form and the wart usually falls off within two weeks.

Other useful remedies, that are supposed to be applied directly to the wart, include raw potatoes, dandelion milk, crushed chickweed, pure aloe vera juice or gel, caster oil and calendula tea.

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