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Introduction to Liver Spots

Liver spots are sometimes referred to as sunspots or age spots. They are brown blemishes that appear on the face. Even though they are harmless medically, they do affect the appearance in a way that most people do not like.

They are usually light brown but can vary in color from red to black.

They are also most common among people that have fair skin complexions. Liver spots can sometimes be very small, like freckles almost, or they can be bigger, up to an inch in diameter.

The older a person gets, the more liver spots are likely to appear. The received this name because their color is similar to that of liver, but they are in no way related to that organ or any potential disease of the liver.


It is generally not know what causes these spots on the skin, but many have found that they usually result from an excessive exposure to the sun over time. They, naturally, appear on places on the body that are more often exposed to the sun, such as the face, arms, neck and shoulders.

It can also be caused by the over-production of melanin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation.

It may be best to get liver spots checked out, because sometimes people believe that they have harmless liver spots on their skin, when in fact they are actually cancerous spots.


Liver spots will usually fade away on their own in time and do not require any certain type of treatment. However, people may want to get rid of them in order to restore the younger look of their skin. For this instance, skin bleaching methods can be used.

Liver spots that are located on the face can also be removed by cryotherapy, which involves a freezing of the spots with liquid nitrogen. It is an effective procedure that is also low risk, so it is highly recommended.

In order to avoid getting liver spots it is important to take care of the skin and protect it, especially, when exposed to the sun. This means that lotions need to be used when a person is at the beach or anywhere else where their skin is exposed to the sun all day.

Laser treatment is another option for removing these spots that can be used.

Home Therapies

There are also home remedies that can be used to get rid of liver spots, such as aloe vera gel, an olive oil and vinegar mixture, apple cider vinegar, green papaya, or castor oil, which can all be rubbed on liver spots in order to make them fade away at a faster pace.

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