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Possible causes of sterility are numerous, and the treatment certainly has a lot to do with the cause, which is why it is necessary to identify it correctly. The treatment also depends on whether a woman or a man has problems with sterility, because even though the problem is the same, it will be treated differently.

Are there any home remedies that can help in the treatment of sterility?

Besides conventional methods of treatment of this problem, there certainly are some so-called home remedies that people should consider trying out. It is not always recommended to rely on home remedies only, because consultations with the doctor are definitely important, but if nothing else, these remedies won’t do any harm to the health of an individual since they are natural.

In cases of men, it is recommended to take in at least 1 gram of vitamin C on a daily basis, since this vitamin has the power to protect the sperm from damage caused by oxidation. Arginine is an amino acid necessary for the production of sperm, and it stimulates the production and affects the quality of the sperm. The dosage that is recommended is 4 grams daily, but for at least 4 months. Zinc is of vital importance for normal production of sperm and normal levels of testosterone.

In cases of women, vitamins C and E and zinc are also recommended, but the dosage is something that the doctor should suggest for each woman individually. Eggplant cooked tenderly and eaten with buttermilk for approximately one month might provide very good results. The same goes for the banyan tree roots, which need to be dried, powdered and mixed with milk. After the period is over, this mixture should be used for three days and so on every month.

As for the home remedies that both males and females can and should use, they include:

  • The use of milk an hour prior to the sexual activity is considered more than beneficial, particularly for males.
  • Raisins, dates and dried grapes are also helpful in cases of sterility, and it is recommended to take dates for at least a week in order to improve libido and strength of the reproductive organs.
  • Honey should be used on a daily basis, because it is also beneficial for the reproductive system of males and females.
  • Rice should be chosen over wheat, particularly in cases of women who want to cure sterility.

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