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A hydromel is acondition in which a sac filled with fluid appears around testicles. It is aresult of swelling of the scrotum, the skin beneath the penis. Males of any agecan develop the hydromel but if it occurs in infants, it can heal itselfwithout treatment within 12 months. The hydromel does not normally cause painbut if the symptoms are severe, you should see your doctor.

The symptoms of the hydromelare scrotal swelling and in some cases ache. If the swelling is large andpainful, it may be the cause of cancer or hernia. In case of infants, the hydromelcan develop in the womb, and in case of adult men, it can be a result of aninjury or infection of the scrotum. The other risk factors may include sexuallytransmitted diseases and radiation therapy.

The hydromel is notconsidered to be a dangerous and serious disorder and generally it does nothave any influence on fertility. In rare cases, the hydromel can be related tosome other problem with testicles, such as cancer or infection which in thiscase may cause difficulties with production of sperm, and inguinal hernia whena part of intestine becomes trapped in the abdominal wall.

In order to diagnose thecondition the doctor will perform a physical examination first and then he/shewill do the urine and blood tests to check if there is an infection.

The treatment for the hydromelmay include drainage, needle aspiration or surgery. These procedures areperformed if the condition is severe and the hydromel has not disappeared onits own. In some cases, the hydromel can appear again.

Thereare also natural treatments and home remedies which can be helpful in curingthe hydromel. The patient should be put on a diet which includes nothing elsebut fresh fruits. The diet should last for 8 days and the patient is supposedto have 3 meals a day. The recommended fruit are seasonal juicy fruits, such asmelon, oranges, lemons, apples, peaches, pears, grapes and grapefruit. Also,the patient should drink plenty of water or lemonade without sugar. Bananasshould be excluded from the diet. Later on a cup of milk and vegetables shouldbe added in the diet. Take a cup of milk with breakfast and steamed or rawvegetables, such as cabbage, with lunch and dinner. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes,coffee, strong sweetened tea, sauces and pickles.

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