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Male infertility is usually reflected in the case when a man is not able to impregnate a woman during a year of unprotected sex. Both sexes may be responsiblefor the failure although chances of male infertility are slightly higher. Thehigher the sperm count, the more chances there are for the impregnation, but it isstill largely unknown exactly how much sperm is required to impregnate a woman.

Infertility in men is mainly caused by anatomical defects orthe formation of scar tissue during the recovery process of the reproductivetract. Reduced levels of the production of testosterone lead to a low spermcount and infertility. Motility of sperm reflected by its activity is a sign ofhealthy sperm and a very important factor of impregnation. Free radicals cancause much damage to sperm due to its fragility. Smoking, malnutrition, stressand alcohol can influence the levels of testosterone and free radicals. Sideeffects of various medications can also alter the sperm motility.

A surgery is the most common way of dealing with anatomicaldefects and scarring, while various supplements can take care of infertility inmen because male infertility problems are not related to aging. Supplementsgive the best results when taken for at least several months and all of themare generally safe to use. Antioxidants in supplements are a potent protectionfrom the damage caused by free radicals. Motility is greatly increased byvitamin C.

Zinc and flaxseed are highly beneficial for male infertilitybecause they increase sperm count and the testosterone production. Coppersupplements and essential fatty acid promote the general health of sperm.Arginine very efficiently deals with the problems concerning sperm count andsperm motility.

Panax ginseng herb is very helpful in the formation of sperm and itstimulates the production of testosterone. Siberian ginseng is an alternativewhich shares the same properties. Herbal remedies made from pygeum africanumare very efficient in helping with infertility and are very beneficial forvarious prostate problems.

Alcohol should be avoided at all costs, as well as smoking,since these both can be very harmful to sperm production. Yoga and meditationare very helpful in defeating various negative psychological factors andimproving general health.

Siberian ginseng can be successfully alternated with Panaxginseng. Flaxseed oil should be consumed in the morning. Vitamin E can beingested, but if one takes anticoagulant medications the doctor should beconsulted first. Vitamin C can be taken three times per day, but it may causediarrhea as well.

Zinc should be followed by copper after one month ofconsumption. Arginine is good too, but it is not recommended for those with genitalherpes or kidney diseases.

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