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Hemorrhoids or piles refer to the inflamed and enlarged veins, which appear in the anal area, as well as in the anus. In most cases, extreme straining during the bowel movements or extreme pressure made on the veins (like in pregnancy) are the most common causes for the development of hemorrhoids. When they emerge inside of the anus, they are called internal hemorrhoids, but if they appear around the anus, they are called external hemorrhoids.

It can be said that piles are quite a common ailment, which affects a great number of people. In the majority of cases, piles are induced by diarrhea and constipation. However, they may appear due to severe coughing, lifting heavy objects and sitting for a long time. Pregnancy, as well as childbirth, is also likely to lead to the development of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

When one has hemorrhoids, he/she may notice blood on the toilet tissue after the bowel movement. This bleeding is, in most cases, painless. Itching, irritation and swelling around the anal area are also the symptoms of hemorrhoids. A sensitive lump close to the anus, as well as leakage of feces, may also appear in some people who have problems with hemorrhoids. However, the symptoms of the internal hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids are not all the same.

Different hemorrhoids remedies

Since hemorrhoids are a quite normal condition which affects many people, there are numerous methods for their treatment. Various creams, lotions and ointments are available for the treatment of piles. These products may be easily found in all pharmacies. They are applied directly on the hemorrhoids, but this is only when the external hemorrhoids are in question. All these products usually relieve the symptoms if they do not completely cure the condition.

If the hemorrhoids are painful, then the oral painkillers are advisable. Furthermore, in case of constipation, the use of laxatives is highly recommended. It is also important that the area where the hemorrhoids emerge is always kept clean.

When using the toilet paper after the bowel movement, it should not be a dry toilet paper but moist towelettes, since dry toilet paper irritates the hemorrhoids and aggravates the condition.

It is further recommend to soak the hemorrhoids within water for about 20 minutes, but this should be repeated for a couple of times a day. The swelling of the anal area may also be treated and reduced by applying the ice packs on this region.

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