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Another name for hemorrhoids is piles and it is a condition that affects nearly 50 to 75% of Americans. When the enormous pressure is put on the walls of the rectum, the blood vessels in this area become enlarged while the muscles that support them are significantly weakened over time. As a consequence, sac like protrusions occur which are actually the hemorrhoids. They can be either internal or, on the other side, external. As the names suggest themselves, internal piles occur inside of the rectum while the external piles appear in the area around the anus. Thrombosed external hemorrhoid occurs when the blood in an external hemorrhoid clots forming the thrombus. On the other side, when an internal pile is forced out of the anus, it is named prolapsed hemorrhoid. Pregnant women and the adults are the most prone to develop this condition, which is rare among the young population.

Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids may be induced by variety of reasons, such as pregnancy, obesity, excessive straining because of constipation, diarrhea and coughing. Furthermore, prolonged sitting, lack of exercises, anal intercourse and rectal infection may also be the potential reasons behind the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Blood in the stool or on the toilet paper after wiping, sensation of unfinished bowel movement and a lump in the area around the anus, as well as the rectal itching are some of the most common warning signs of hemorrhoids.
Natural healing for hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids may be successfully healed by using some of the ointments made of the common herbs, such as butcher’s broom, goldenseal root and bayberry. Pain induced by piles can be significantly reduced by applying the hemorrhoid creams or petroleum jelly. Furthermore, it is recommended to drink fenugreek seed tea three times a day. If you do not like the taste of the tea, you can add honey or sugar to improve the taste.The walls of the blood vessels can be made strong may taking bioflavonoids which cab be found in great amounts in citrus fruits such as orange and lemon.Drinking plenty of water is also necessary for treating the hemorrhoids naturally since it prevents from constipation which aggravates the condition.The foods which you eat should have fiber in abundance and these foods include whole grains, green vegetables and, of course, fresh fruits.Various essential oils, personal hygiene and cotton cloths are also highly suggested when healing of hemorrhoids is in the question.

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