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Hemorrhoids can be described as clumps of tissue within the anal canal caused by swollen blood vessels and the surrounding, supporting tissue made up of muscle and elastic fibers. These swollen vessels can rupture and bleed due to stretching of the anal canal (anal canal is also known as the rectum). Common consequences of hemorrhoids are rectal burn, itching, bleeding, irritation, etc. Most typically, the cause of hemorrhoids is an extreme straining during bowel movements. Other typical causes of this problem are: chronic diarrhea or constipation, pregnancy, aging and anal intercourse. Frequent straining, rubbing and cleaning the area can irritate hemorrhoids and intensify the symptoms. It is hard to get rid of hemorrhoids, and because of that, it is easier to treat a symptom than a disease. There are many ways to treat a symptom. One of the best treatments one can use is to dip in a tub of warm water for about 10 minutes. As it is said, hemorrhoids are frequent in pregnant women. This happens due to the fetus weight and hormonal changes, so the rectal area gets extra pressured.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Besides factors that we already mentioned (constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy, etc.) causes of hemorrhoids include hereditary dispositions. Those dispositions can be cardiovascular problems with veins and valves in the rectal area, usually considering weak blood vessel walls. Other causes of this problem are frequent use of laxatives and the process of aging.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Usually, hemorrhoids are not dangerous or life threatening. Their symptoms pass in a few days, sometimes, even if not treated. Red blood covering the stool or toilet paper is usually the symptom of internal hemorrhoids. Sometimes, internal hemorrhoids can swell and come out through the anus outside the body, and that is known as protruding hemorrhoid. These are the hemorrhoids that cause most of the problems listed above. On the other side, external hemorrhoids mostly do not produce symptoms if they are small, but lager ones are almost always painful.

Hemorrhoids Home Remedies

If you have itch coming from the hemorrhoids, it is adviced to apply some baking soda on that place. You can also mix honey and sliced onion, and then apply on the hemorrhoids by using a wool pad. The similar way is to, instead of honey, mix chopped garlic with onion, apply on the hemorrhoids and leave it for three hours before you wash it away. Also, you can treat the hemorrhoids by applying vitamin E oil, or aloe vera gel.

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