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Children are very sensitive and constipation can be a verybig problem, both for them and their parents. Usually constipation in childrenis a result of lack of water, too much milk in their diet, imbalanced diet orsometimes even improper toilet training. However, when your child needs to berelieved from constipation there is something you can do.

What to Drink to Relieve Constipation

Plenty of water is important. Make sure your child isdrinking proper amount of water every day and by doing so you will prevent anypotential problem with constipation. Doctors advise about 3 to 4 glasses ofwater every day as the bare minimum kids must take. Cow milk is known to causeconstipation in some kids, if taken in large amounts. Soy milk is perhapsa better option, especially for older children, since it is less likely to leadto constipation.

Glass of water or milk, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey,or a glass of water with half of lime and some salt is also known to be a veryeffective remedy for constipation in kids. A tablespoon of water with some cornsyrup is also said to instantly relieve constipation.

Diet Options for Constipation in Kids

A child's diet must be well balanced. More fibers inthe diet will certainly be beneficial, so give your child more fruits and greenleafy vegetables. Spinach or spinach water is believed to be very efficientconstipation remedy for children. Other raw vegetables are also a very goodsolution for constipation, known to help and not to cause any harm to yourchild. Meals for your child should contain raw tomatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, legumes,turnip greens, beans or peas, to help them resolve the problem quickly.

Pears and bale fruits are said to be very helpful for kidssuffering from constipation. Oranges, guavas, papayas and grapes should also beused more when your child is constipated. Prunes and prune juice aretraditionally given to kids suffering from constipation.

Some Additional Advice

Proper amount of sleep and rest is also very important for anychild. When your child is suffering from constipation, don’t use over the countermedication (OTC) to relieve the problem. If you already tried above mentionedhome remedies and none seems to work for your kid, it’s much safer to takehim/her to the doctor to be examined properly. The problem with medications,even with OTC ones, is that as any other drugs they can be potentially harmful,and children can be more sensitive than adults to side effects.

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