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Introduction to constipation in children

Constipation is a problem that almost everyone faces at one time or another, but it can be an especially difficult condition for the children because of their active lifestyles.

It can also be significantly more painful for children. Not only does it have physical effects on the child, it can also have emotional ones, making the child feel very insecure and embarrassed because of it.

It is very important to treat constipation immediately, because it is not a condition that should be left to linger and cause even more damage through time.

The best part is that constipation can be treated at home with simple remedies, which is especially good for the children that are a bit embarrassed by the condition and would rather not have to see a doctor about it. Home remedies

There are many remedies that can be made from stuff that you already have in your home and kitchen that will aid a child in getting rid of its constipation symptoms.

It is of utmost important to have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet because natural fiber is very important for bowel movements.

Fresh fruit juices are great for the child.

Make sure that the child is also drinking a lot of water because urinating frequently will also help and it will show that the condition is not too serious.

Prune juice is a tried and tested home remedy for constipation. Just take some organic prunes, boil them in water and then let them soak overnight. In the morning, strain them and let the child drink it.

Apple juice is great as well, along with juice of any other fruit that contains a lot of fiber.

Just strain and squeeze an apple and dilute it with water.

If the child is very young and the constipation has resulted from the child starting to eat solid foods, then the diet must be altered in order to help with this problem.

It is important to introduce only one kind of food at a time in order to see what is giving the child this problem.

Unripe bananas often cause constipation in children. The best solid food to start with is rice and oats, and them must be boiled and soft.

Whole-wheat bread, muesli, brown rice and pasta are a lot better for children who are constipated than white bread, biscuits and regular cereal.

As stated previously, they should be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially apples, grapes, carrots, pears and celery sticks.

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