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Introduction to Constipation

Not many people like talking about this particular topic. However, those who have experienced this know that it can sometimes be quite a nuisance.

Almost everyone gets constipated at least one time during their life time.

Constipation is a common gastrointestinal problem. People who experience constipation have rare bowel movements, pass hard stools or strain during bowel movements. Fortunately, most cases of constipation are temporary, meaning that many people only experience constipation for a short period of time with no lasting effects on their health. However, for others, it can be a chronic condition that causes considerable pain and discomfort. This can also lead to complications, such as faecal impaction (when dry, hard stools collect in one’s rectum) or faecal incontinence (when one leaks liquid stools).


The root cause of constipation is that the stool becomes hard and dry, or the muscle contractions in one’s bowels are too slow. Also, a pelvic floor dysfunction (the muscles of the colon are not coordinated) may be the cause.

In most cases, the factors that may lead to intestinal slowing include: irritable bowel syndrome, low-fiber diet, dehydration, lack of physical activity, abuse of laxatives, changes of lifestyle, hormonal disturbances, certain medications (such as pain killers, etc.), an illness,etc.

The common symptoms of constipation include: passing fewer than three stools a week, straining more that normally during bowel movements, experiencing hard stools, swollen abdomen, pain, etc.

If this state has lasted for more than three weeks, one should consult a doctor, because it can cause other complications, such as, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapsed, etc.

Remedies for Constipation

Even if one goes to the doctor’s, he will also recommend that the person include several changes into their lifestyle and diet. In most cases, this will be enough to relieve one’s symptoms. Many have tried these simple changes, and they have been proven to be quite effective.

The following remedies are simple and efficient:

Before each meal, one should swallow a teaspoon of linseeds with water.In the morning, a glass of orange juice adds to the efficiency of other constipation remedies.A very old remedy for constipation, castor oil, is not only used for constipation, but for other stomach disorders. The recommended dosage is two or four tablespoons in the morning.Carrot juice taken with spinach juice is used as an immediate relief from constipation.Also, one of the simplest remedies is drinking half a cup of cabbage juice twice a day.Drinking a lot of water is a requirement for a regular bowel movement. Experts recommend six to eight glasses of water per day.Boiling a handful of seedless dry grapes, then chewing the grapes and drinking the milk separately before bedtime is also effective when trying to get rid of constipation.One should also eat figs dipped in water in the morning each day for the best results.Although many may fell that laxatives will give them the relief that they want, they have many side-effects and doctors do not recommend frequent use. Instead, one should try these natural remedies, which are quick, effective, an devoid of any side-effects.

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