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Exercises for knee arthritis

The whole point of exercises for knees in cases of those who are diagnosed with arthritis is to increase the strength and flexibility of one or both knees, and this will have a positive influence on the range of motion of the joint in the knee. Otherwise, the person in question is at risk of experiencing deformity of the knee joint. These that will be described in the following lines should be done in two sets during the first two weeks, and each set should consist of ten repetitions. After the first two weeks, the number of sets can be increased to three. What everyone should do before starting with exercising is warming up.

It might be a good idea to start with the exercise which is done in a lying position, with weight around each ankle. One leg should be raised for a few inches, and a rolled up towel should be placed under the knee then. While the leg is straightened, the towel should be pressed down. And then the leg should be relaxed and the exercise repeated for the same leg. After 10 repetitions for one leg, the same number of repetitions should be done for the other leg as well. Another exercise should be done in the standing position, either in front of the table or a wall, for example. One heel should be raised off the floor and the person should practically stand on the ball of the foot. The wall or the table can be used for balance. When it comes to the rhythm of breathing, the person breathes out while raising the heel, and breathes in while lowering the foot. The third exercise is done in the following way: while one leg is on the floor, the foot of another is raised on the chair. The leg should be straight and the person should bend forward, but there is no need to try to touch the toes because the point is not in stretching the back. The bent position should be held for 30 seconds. While sitting in a chair with the knees bent and feet on the floor, one foot should be slid forward for a few inches first, and then backward. Simple and yet useful exercises are walking backwards, or sitting in a chair and squeezing the knees together while the fist or tennis ball is between them.

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