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The Importance of Hip Fitness

Our hips contain many muscles, tendons and ligaments, both directly and through being connected with them. All these are very important for our movement and many actions we perform daily. Thus, all these tissues need to be in good shape, so as to provide us with all the flexibility we need, without being prone to injuries. Luckily, in order to get our hips in the best shape possible, we do not need many different exercises or a rigorous workout program we have to fit in our already tight schedule. Rather, all we need are a couple of good quality exercises which will make our hips strong and flexible in no time. Thus, if you are into making these healthy changes to your body, perhaps the following lines will be all you need for a successful training 5 days a week.

The Hip Flexibility Workout

The first exercise you might perform is called hamstring stretch. As its name suggests, it is meant for strengthening the connections between your hamstrings and hips. You perform this exercise by sitting on the floor, with your legs straightened and close to each other, and your back straight as well. Then, from this position, you are to lower your upper part of the body towards your knees. Once you reach the peak of such movements, you may hold it for several seconds, keeping your hip muscles stressed and breathing slowly through your stomach.

Next, you are to perform an exercise known as cobra. This name comes from the fact that, in order to do this exercise right, you need to lie down on your stomach, with your legs apart and your arms next to your shoulders. Then, tense your abdominal and shoulder muscles. Once you have done this, elevate the upper part of your body, without using your arms, but keeping them close if support is needed. As soon as you elevate as much as you can, hold it for about 20 seconds before releasing.

Another exercise for you is the modified bridge. You do this by lying on the floor with your legs bent at the knees and your feet on the floor, lifting your hips up by using their muscles and the muscles in your lower back. Upon reaching the peak of your height, you are to hold it for about 40 seconds, return back and repeat for about 5 times.

From the released, previous position, you may move your upper lower body up, so that your knees are touching your chest. Keep this position for about 20 seconds before letting go and do this up to 9 times a day.

Finally, working out on a leg press exercise machine will give your hip muscles the toning necessary for performing all of the tasks above with ease.

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