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Hip bursitis is swelling and pain of bursa in the hip. This is actually a fluid filled sac that acts as a protective barrier and absorbs the shocks between a tendon and a bone. When injured, this sac becomes inflamed, painful and filled with excess fluid. Hip bursitis is typically caused by constant pressure on the hips, usually from long-term standing or sitting on the hard surfaces. Physical trauma, infection, past surgeries or health problems such as scoliosis or arthritis, can also cause hip bursitis. Sometimes, the inflammation results from overusing the hips in repetitive movement such as running or pedaling a bicycle. In many cases, however, the reason behind the inflammation is completely unknown. No matter what causes the hip bursitis, patients may find relief by practicing these simple exercises.

Step Up Exercise

This is a simple and quite stable and safe exercise performed with a stepper or some kind of elevated platform. The goal of the exercise is to simulate simple climbing up the stairs. However, if you live in a tall building or have an access to long stairways include climbing up the stairs in the daily routine. It is important to climb the stairs at normal speed and thus help to release the muscles in the affected area.

Leg Raise

This is a simple and effective way to alleviate bursitis pain. The exerciser lies on the back keeping the legs straight and loose. The exercise starts by slowly tightening the muscles of the upper thigh. The foot is now lifted from floor to approximately 7 inches and held in this position for about 20 seconds. One should do at least five repetitions with the affected leg.Leg Cross

This effective exercise will help to ease the bursitis pain slowly and gradually. The exerciser crosses the affected leg on top of the other leg and pulls the tight of the good leg by holding it beneath the knee. This exercise provides relief and pleasant stretch across the painful leg. The exercise is performed on the floor or using the chair.Squats

The best way to use simple squats to find a relief from hip bursitis is to exercise with an exercising ball. The ball is placed regarding the back and the wall, and the exerciser starts lowering the body to squat from the standing position. The squat is performed only to a level at which it feels comfortable. The exerciser rolls back to come to a standing position and repeats this routine at least five times.

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