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Hip bursitis and methods of treatment

When bursa in the hip becomes inflamed, which usuallyhappens due to some injury, fall, infection, overuse or certain healthproblems, the results are pain, stiffness and/or swelling of the affected area. Thiscondition is called hip bursitis and it tends to affect middle-aged people mostfrequently. Depending on the location of the pain, there is a differencebetween trochanteric, ischialgluteal and iliopectineal bursitis, which means thatthe pain occurs either in the side of the hip, in the buttocks or in the groin.

When it comes to the treatment of this condition, eventhough it is very unpleasant, the fact is that it is usually not serious innature and it is generally treated with medications that decrease the pain andinflammation, with resting and immobilizing the problematic area. In order toreduce swelling, it might be useful to apply ice packs from time to time,although it is not advised to apply ice directly.

Exercises that help in cases of hip bursitis

The reason why exercises are important in cases of hipbursitis is very simple. Exercises have a positive effect on muscles, becausethe muscles are stretching and getting stronger. However, it is necessary toget the doctor’s approval, and it is recommended to do only those exercisesthat either the doctor or the physical therapist suggested. It is also importantto warm up appropriately before beginning with exercising, as well as to dostretching exercises after exercising, since both have beneficial influence onthe muscles.

Leg raises are done in a lying position, with the back flatand upper thigh muscles tightened. Then the leg is raised some eight inches offthe floor and held for a few seconds. After that, the leg can be lowered, but themuscle needs to be tight all the time. It is recommended to do 3 sets, and eachset should consist of 10 repetitions.Cross leg pull is done while sitting in a chair, forexample, and the leg in question needs to be crossed over the other leg. The affectedleg should be pulled to the other side while holding the knee, but it isnecessary to keep the buttocks flat and not to roll the pelvis. This positionshould be held for a few seconds as well, and then repeated for several times.Ball squat is done in a standing position with the ballbehind the back. The person needs to lean against the wall and slowly squatdown until the thighs and floor are paralleled. What is important is to keepthe body straight and to hold the position for ten seconds before returning tothe starting position. Three sets should be done, and ten repetitions in each set.

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