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This is one of the problems almost the very woman faces during pregnancy. This problem will persist even through the entire pregnancy. Several other places can be affected by the pain, but the two most common are chest and back area of the human body. Several problems may take the blame for this pain and they include muscle pain, and lung infection. In the following text, we will focus on the problem of pain in the chest felt during the pregnancy.

Causes and Treatment

As we have mentioned, this type of pain is very common during the pregnancy period, and it is very common and even essential in the period from the first to the second trimester. This initial period is when the baby starts to grow and this may cause the pressure on the diaphragm and stomach, and thus the problems such as chest pain and shortness of breath. But this problem is not very harmful and does not create great problems. Next possible cause of the problem is indigestion. Albeit transient can be caused by the trapped gas under the ribs and this gas can cause the chest pain. This problem is also very benign and in the majority of cases, it goes away on its own, naturally and without medications, but the fact is that sometimes it can lead to upper abdominal bloating, which is a type of indigestion. Weak women can be affected by the anemia, which can lead to the chest pain. Iron deficiency is the problem mostly associated with the pain we are talking about. It causes weakness, fatigue, breathing problems, chest pain and breath shortness. Also, hemoglobin levels are affected by this problem, which leads to pallor in the fingernails and lower eyelids, which are the symptoms that the persons in question can easily detect. Next possible cause of the problem is the deficiency of the calcium. When a woman is pregnant, the body requires more nutrients than normal. Calcium is a very important nutrient and during pregnancy, you have to increase the consumption of this nutrient. Problems of the fetus, such as those related to the development, and weak bones are possible if the body does not get enough calcium. The calcium deficiency can also cause breast pain, and chest muscle cramping, which can lead to the chest pain. So, try to include some calcium supplement. Lung infection, radiating stomach, stress and asthma can cause the chest pain. If this happens, a visit to the doctor is needed. Remember that the chest pain is very common during the pregnancy, but only during the first phase of the pregnancy. If the problem persists or it becomes severe and unbearable, visit the doctor who will find the proper cause and conduct a proper treatment.

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