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Hip pain, and aching joints around the pelvis and hips, are problems that many pregnant women encounter, especially during the later half of pregnancy. Research suggests that hormonal changes, which loosen your joints and prepare your body for childbirth, are responsible for hip pain and aching joints. This might help you have an easier labor, but it certainly is not nice during your pregnancy. Is there anything you can do about these ailments?

Unfortunately, not too much information is available about pregnancy hip pain, despite the fact that many expectant mothers report having problems with their hips. Pelvic pain and lower back pain are discussed much more frequently in pregnancy literature (see Pelvic Girdle Pain, for instance). These are caused by the same hormones that are also responsible for painful hips, but medical experts do not pay much attention to this pregnancy condition. Yet, aching hips can make your life more difficult and cause trouble in moving around and sleeping.

If you are experiencing hip pain in the night and it is causing you trouble sleeping, positioning a few pillows under your hips might help. Full body maternity pillows to help you sleep in pregnancy can also provide a lot of relief from pain. Good posture during the day is difficult to maintain when you are expecting, but making sure you don't stress your body too much is always good. Try to get as much rest as you can, and prevent putting too much strain on your hips. Massage, seeing a chiropractor, or doing prenatal yoga are other alternatives that might help you cope with hip pain when you are expecting a baby. Fortunately, hip pain during pregnancy is a temporary condition that is almost certain to resolve itself after you deliver your baby.

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