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High protein diet has always been suggested for the sports people, especially for the bodybuilders who want to build the muscle mass and lose the built up body fats. Gradually, high protein diet has become popular as the weight loss diet, particularly among the people who want to maintain the normal body weight without employing regular exercises and using various diet pills. However, high protein diet has several side effects which should not be ignored, and the person who decides to be on this kind of diet should be well aware of what he/she might have to cope with while consuming the foods high in protein.

For a healthy person, a balanced diet is essential in order to maintain the health of the body and when he/she consumes only foods rich in some particular nutrients, protein, for instance, it may cause the imbalance among the nutrients in the body.

Side effects of high protein diet

A healthy individual should take from 0.8 to 1g of proteins for each kilogram of the body weight. It is observed that the benefits of high protein diet are much fewer than the side effects of the diet based on high protein.

The people who are on high protein diet may experience certain kidney problems since the kidneys are forced more to flush off the created wastes. Those who are on this diet for a long time may develop kidney stones and even kidney failure. Many foods high in protein make the person full-fed for a long time and thus, the loss of appetite commonly occurs. Furthermore, the foods rich in protein are usually low in the dietary fiber, which leads to certain digestive problems like constipation and irregular bowel movements. For the protein digestion the body uses acid and since there are large amounts of protein, excessive production of acid is necessary. Acid is then eliminated from the body with the aid of calcium, the amounts of which are gradually decreased in the bones, thus resulting eventually in osteoporosis. Due to high protein diet the body becomes hypersensitive to various allergens and therefore, the people who are on this kind of diet may experience either severe symptoms of allergy if they suffer from some kind of it, or on the other side, they may develop some type of allergy. Nutrient deficiency is also a side effect of the diet rich in proteins since while consuming only foods high in protein, the person deprives his/her body from other essential nutrients.

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