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Proteins are vital components of the body, which help themuscles, blood and the immune system to function properly. Many people choose adiet which is high on the proteins and extremely low on the carbohydrates andfat because of the capability of the protein to make up for the energy that issupposed to come from the latter two. If the body were not to receivesufficient amounts of protein that would lead to a condition calledkwashiorkor which is characterized by a lack in muscle mass underdevelopedgrowth as well as weak immune circulatory and respiratory systems.

Possible complications of too much protein in the diet

Even though it is extremely beneficial and highlyrecommended to consume on a daily basis whether it is a part of a diet or not sometimes one can indeed consume too much protein in the body.

The main issue which can arise from this excess is related tothe kidneys. A high protein diet can put too much pressure on the kidneys andprevent them from getting rid of the body waste as efficiently as they should. Thisissue can be solved by making sure to exercise regularly, as it will help thisprocess. Also it is important to consult a doctor when going on a high proteindiet in case there is a history of kidney problems.

Another possible problem which is related to consuming toomuch protein is that it can cause calcium deficiency. This happensbecause the body discharges acids while the protein is being digested, and thecalcium is the one used for their absorption. If the body stops obtainingenough calcium due to this action it is forced to take some from the bones making them weak and much more prone to breaking.

Finally excessive amounts of protein are likely to eitherprovoke allergies or make the existing ones worse.

Common misunderstandings regarding the negative effect ofprotein

Aside from the fairly serious side effects that too muchprotein can provoke there are some alleged side effects which are contributedto the effect of proteins which are not in fact true.

One of such is the theory that protein causes cardiovasculardiseases. This is not only proven to be incorrect but it is also quite theopposite. A high protein diet containing a lot of vegetables can be a kind ofprotection to the heart.

Diabetes and cancer are also excluded from the list ofpossible side effects.

All things considered the most recommended diet is the onewhich balances all the nutritional substances proteins as well as fat andcarbohydrates. Not only is this the healthiest way to lose weight but also tolead a healthy lifestyle in general.

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