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Proteins and Protein Shakes
The sufficient intake of proteins in the body is extremelyimportant, as proteins regulate some of the most important bodily functions.People require proteins on a daily basis and should someone fail to obtain asufficient level of proteins, the consequences would immediately manifestthemselves through the disruption in some of the many functions that proteinscontrol. Protein shakes are a delicious way of staying both healthy and fit andare usually recommended to be consumed as frequently as possible. However, thefrequent consumption of protein shakes unfortunately has its side effects thateveryone needs to keep in mind before deciding to include them in theirroutine.

An allergic reaction to protein shakes

An allergic reaction to protein shakes is actually one ofthe most frequent side effects of them. This happens to people who are lactoseintolerant and the symptoms of the allergy arise in the stomach area. They aremanifested in the form of cramps, pain, swelling and irritated stomach. Andwhile these people have to renounce their protein shakes, they can still takein their proteins through the so-called whey protein supplements whose amountof lactose is next to nothing and therefore, completely safe.

Excessive loss of body water due to protein shakes

Another possible side effect of protein shakes is excessiveloss of body water, or simply put, dehydration. What happens here is that asthe levels of protein in the body rise, so do the levels of nitrogen what thenleads to faltering in the kidney function, which finally leads to dehydration.There is really no way to predict who could have such a reaction to proteinshakes, therefore, it is highly recommended to make sure to drink a dozenglasses of water a day in order to prevent the possible problem, for it is,indeed, quite uncomfortable.

Kidney stones provoked by protein shakes

As it has been already mentioned, the higher the levels ofprotein in the body, the bigger the possibility of their causing trouble withthe kidneys. One of such troubles is the presence of kidney stones which can beprovoked by rising calcium levels in the kidneys due to high levels of protein.Kidney stones are just one of the many potential issues with the kidneys thatmay arise from this. Not to mention just how uncomfortable the symptoms of anyof these diseases are, such as night fever and sweats, piercing pain in thestomach area, bloody urine, and many others. The only thing to do in order totry and prevent the problem is the same as in the above-mentioned case, andthat’s drinking as much water as possible.

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