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Protein powder side effects

Over the years, protein powder has become a constant addition to healthy diets and exercise regimes. When used properly it has many benefits, but it can be harmful when used improperly. A person's gender, age and weight will determine the proper usage of protein powder. It is recommended to talk to a health care provider before using the powder.


Lots of different protein powders exist, so a person may choose a flavor or potency and bases. Soy-based powder is the one most people use, but it is potentially dangerous as well. High levels of a chemical that imitates the female hormone estrogen can be found in soy, so when the take too much of the soy-based protein powder, it lower the testosterone levels and sperm production in males. In females it can raise the risk of breast cancer and the buildup of fat.

Lactose intolerance

Because of the lactose content in protein powder, it may have unpleasant side effects for those who are lactose intolerant. There are specific protein powders similar to those made for vegan diets which contain no lactose.

Real food replacement

It is not health-wise for a person to replace whole foods with only protein shakes. Such a diet is imbalanced and can result in side effects such as having too much stomach acid, nausea and kidney stones. Some schools of public health advise that protein shakes should be used only as a supplement.

Protein overdose

If too much protein is ingested into a person's body, problems may occur. Calcium deficiency is one of them and there are also kidney and liver problems that may occur. Too much protein can actually weaken the body. According to some researchers. The appropriate protein intake per day is 0.8 grams per kilogram of a person's body weight.

Side effects of consumption of protein powder in large amounts

Development of kidney stones is one of the side effects. When it comes to this, surgeons remove these small calcium deposits that are floating in the person's body. It is important that a person takes limited amounts of protein powder so that his or her body can respond to it in a positive way. Consumption of this powder in the amount that exceeds the recommended amount can make the blood turn acidic. When this happens, the body must rectify itself by making it more basic. Ketosis is a state of physiological state related to chronic starvation. It can stress a person's liver which will lead to the destruction of muscle tissues. If the ketosis is prolonged, kidneys will be endangered.

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