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What kind of a diet is Dukan diet?

Even though obesity is a problem that has always been present, it seems that today it is much bigger problem than ever. Fast and unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main culprits for that and the majority of people does not seem to be aware of that until the first extra pounds begin to accumulate. It is then that they start to seek ways in which they will get rid of the fat, and when choosing, expecting miracles, they usually want the way that will give the fastest results. They rarely consider the possible side effects. However, the point of this text won't be to talk you out of the idea of following Dukan diet because of its side effects, but only to inform you of some important facts. The choice will still be up to you.

When it comes to the Dukan diet, besides the fact that it is one of the very popular diets, it is said to be one of the best ways for losing weight which gives long-term results. Since it is practically only the combination of low carb and high protein diet, it means that the person who is on such diet has to consume a lot of food high in proteins and low on carbs, while fats and carbohydrates have to be excluded. There are four phases of this diet, and a specially created Dukan diet plan has to be followed during each of them.

Are there any side effects of Dukan diet and what are they?

Still, even if this diet fulfills the promise of helping a person lose significant amount of weight in its initial phases, having in mind its restrictive diet plan, certain problems are very likely to be experienced. First of all, since it requires a lot of proteins, kidney functions are affected, and the risk of certain kidney disorders is increased. It may also affect the level of electrolytes and uric acid. Due to the restriction of carbs and fibers, constipation or diarrhea are also very likely to be experienced, while due to the fact that no carbs are taken in and the body is urged to use its own fats, the person will probably be hungry and very cranky. 

Still, there is more to the side effects, since every high protein diet is practically an extraordinary possibility for developing various conditions among which are gout and increased levels of cholesterol. Flu, followed by headache, nausea, lack of concentration and irritability will be experienced due to the lack of carbohydrates and fats. 

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