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Sexual Strength and Energy

Traditional Chinese herbalists treat sexual problems with herbs that can both increase vitality and immunity.

There are also herbal adrenal tonics that can improve sexuality and these are usually combined with moistening or blood-building herbs that help to decrease stress amounts and increase sexual fluids.

Sexual vitality can become blocked for many reasons, including a lack of strength or energy, circulatory problems, fatigue or stress.

It is important not remember that these Chinese herbal remedies are not aphrodisiacs and do not aim to arouse sexual desire, but to make sexual activity possible by increasing vitality naturally. Herbs for improving sexual vitality

For many centuries, traditional Chinese herbalists have been using Chinese ginseng to improve vitality and sexual health for both men and women.

It is supposed to reduce tiredness and fatigue along with stress. This is important because sexual performance can sometimes be compromised because of stress and a weakness of the heart and blood sugar imbalances, as well as poor circulation.

It is important to mention that people who have problems with high blood pressure, headaches that are constant, irritability or insomnia should probably not use this herb. There are some short-term side-effects that result from the use of this herb, including facial flushing and temporary dizziness.

Cordyceps is a fungus that has been used by the Chinese as a tonic for improving general health. A sexual tonic combination that has proven to have an optimal effect is a combination of panax and ginko or yin guo and sarsaparilla. These combinations are said to be more effect for both sexes and are optimal for sexual vitality problems. Lung Fu Chuang Yeung Dan is recommended to people who are suffering from overwork, blood deficiencies, illness, emotional upset and insomnia. Men often use epimedium in order to increase sperm production and stimulate sensory nerve endings, which n turn increases sexual desire and energy. Solomon’s seal is another herb that is blood-building and moistening and it can enrich nutrition, improve spirits, cure urinary incontinence and infertility and weakness.

However, not all sexual problems are related to fatigue and exhaustion. Some are the result of poor circulation, which can often result in discomfort being felt in the groin area. Even when there are no general problems, improving circulation in the sexual area can improve vitality, particularly in people who leave very sedentary lives and people who are not very open and keep their emotions bottled in. One of the best herbs for improving circulation and discomfort in the lower abdomen is Kai Kit Wan. It increases circulation and breaks apart congestion pain while, reducing water retention and building strength at the same time.

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