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Balancing hormones can be done with herbs. Some herbs can improve nutrition as well as it can balance hormone level. Using herbs in general helps the body to recover. Some hormonal problems are caused by obstructions in glandular systems. And most important gland is the thyroid because it balances hormones. If thyroid gland is dysfunctional not functioning well, it can bring many problems. The problems can involve bad moods, having no energy, depression, getting fat etc.

Herb Aid

There is herbs that regulate thyroid gland very well.-For instance, there is Kelp. Kelp has lots of potassium, natural iodine and iron, critical minerals for women during a period. There are other nutrients, vitamins, various B, vitamins, calcium, magnesium or minerals in this herb and they all help a health and well being in general, especially if you are not taking enough fruits or vegetables in daily treatments. Some other herbs also can be used as natural daily vitamins intake.

Dandelion root is nutritious herb and it is helpful, cause they stimulates the liver and clear out toxins, build up wastes in body, help to get rid of bacteria. All this in women body can misbalance hormone levels.Alfalfa is very nutritious herb and provides daily intake of vitamin and nutrition. It content essential for body amino acids and can replace food that is high with amino acids. The herb has a lot of Vitamins A and K, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, other vitamins, minerals etc.Another herb that is useful for women hormone balance is called Parsley. Its a general daily vitamin intake that improve women health, and balances levels of hormone in body. The herb has iron in amount equal to any green vegetable, and has plenty of Vitamin C just like lemons. It is high in Vitamins A and B, and regulates menstrual cycle. But Parsley is not recommended with nursing women because it can dry out all the milk from nursing breasts.

There is an agent called Chlorophyll and Chlorophyll is rich with calcium. The menstrual blood has 40% more calcium than usual blood, and calcium intake is very important for women during period. Chlorophyll can be found in herbs such as Alfalfa and Parsley.

Sarsaparilla is a hormone balancer, and affect equally good with men or women. The herb has a testosterone, progesterone or cortin and stimulates estrogen level in women.Black Cohosh is rich with estrogen and has no dangers with side effects of synthetic estrogens. This herb is good with all menopausal symptoms. It regulates menstrual blood flows. In the combination with Ginger it helps easing period cramps. And help to stimulate the secretions from lymph glands, the kidneys, liver and break up mucus in sinus cavities, head or lungs. Side effect of overtaking the Black Cohosh is headache.Red raspberry empowers female reproductive system, especially walls of uterus. It is a tea that works very well for usual female problems. This is a female herb and also helps reduction of heavy menstrual blood flows or painful period cramps. It can prevent lowering haemorrhaging due childbirth. It can be used as remedy for pregnancy morning sickness and increase the milk with nursing mothers.

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