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Rash is a very common problem since any itching and redness of the skin is understood as the rash. Also, a lot of causes lead to the apparition of this, more annoying than a serious health problem and those can be the existence of some other health problems (e.g. lupus, chickenpox, some allergic responses, some conditions associated with the malabsorption of the basic nutrients and metabolism, measles and so on), or the rash can be caused by some outside provoker, such is the humidity of the diapers, which triggers the inflammatory process on the surface of the skin, in the case of the newborns.

This condition is, however, milder than those more serious skin conditions, such as, for example, psoriasis and eczema, but it can lead to them, since the same things cause them all.

Treatment with the herbal remedies

So, in order to start the treatment, the type of the rash must be determined first of all, and it varies according to the combination of the indicators, and to the place of the outbreak of the inflammation. For instance, when certain small flakes fall from the skin, it is the case of the withdrawal of psoriasis or eczema; and, in the cases of the rash caused by the abnormal irritation of the sweat glands by the sun rays, the symptoms are the dramatically increased itchiness, redness, and the apparition of the very little acne-like formations.

After diagnosing the precedence of the problem, it must be understood that the greatest care must be took of the main processes of the absorption of the beneficial basic nutrients, since any disruption of the balance of the metabolic and digestion processes, especially the processes that occur in the liver and bowel, can lead to the rash, as their manifestation on the skin.

So, in order to avoid that, firstly, it is obligatory to introduce a healthy balanced dietary regime into the lifestyle. Not to mention that any allergic response or the excessive mental pressure can derange the previously mentioned balance of getting and using the nutrients from foods and drinks.

However, the best way to remove it, and to provide the relief from the rash is by using the homemade natural herbal remedies, but this therapy can be enriched with the intake of the supplements as well, such is the case of the essentially important fatty acids. These chemicals can be found in the evening primrose, in the high concentration. Also, the supplements of the vitamins A and E are also very well known to be very beneficial for the skin, in general, but for removing the toxins and the harmful substances from the organism, too.

And, finally, there are some remedies which are directly focused on the encouragement of the functions of the liver and, consequently, on the better cleansing of the entire organism. For this purpose, the most effective and popular remedies are those based on the juices extracted from the nettle leaves and dandelion. Besides that, sage is the good remedy for the kidneys. But, one could also make the creams from the bark or rosemary, intended for applying it onto the affected spot; or use the oils from chamomile or tea tree for the same purpose.

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