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There are so many dietary plans which are focused on slimming down fast, and they are harmful, not only because they inevitably lead to the lack of the basic nutrients, but they also don’t have a significant effect, since, the lost pounds usually come back after some time. So, it is better to lose the excessive weight by the clever dietary plan which would be based on the natural substances.

Fortunately, by carefully examining the effect of certain herbs on the organism, a lot of research studies have shown that they are very beneficial for the key processes for losing the weight. That is, the herbs work as the diuretics (with the substances which help the normal excretion of urine), as the maintainers of the healthy metabolic rate and the normal digestion process (by also normalizing the movements of the bowel), as the reducers of appetite, as the detoxifiers, and, of course, as the fat burners.Diuretics

The agents which help in the removal of the excessive water from the organism (which is the significant part of the weight), can be found in the high concentrations in dandelion (also cleanses the blood from cholesterol and fatty acids), guarana (which directly stimulates the nerves for the urination), and, as already well known, in coffee. One should be careful when using them, since their consumption may lead to the negative effect if combined with the artificial diuretics, lithium and dioxin.Enhanced metabolism

A lot of herbs are used for cleaning the blood from the harmful substances, such as the fats, cholesterol and toxins. This process is very important because when the digestive system is free of the mentioned accumulated substances, the organism will be able to absorb all the beneficial nutrients. So, this is the key to the healthy metabolic processes, and the most appreciated herbs for this purpose are dandelion, garcinia (also lessens the urge for eating, helps the digestion and burns the fat), and the other herbs which detoxify the blood.

Healthy digestion process

Another important process for slimming down is the healthy digestion, which includes the clean bowel and the regular bowel contractions; and the beneficial herbs for it are: cascara sagrada (shouldn’t be consumed during pregnancy), garcinia, and the herb called guar gum. The last one mentioned is also effective in reducing the craving for food, and in lessening the amount of cholesterol in the blood, but it, however, brings certain risk of the sudden changes of the sugar level in the blood and of certain ruptures in the intestines. Aloe vera is also beneficial for the regular bowel contractions.


And, finally, there are some herbs for reducing the feeling of being hungry and which provide the sense of fullness, and the most effective and popular are the root of licorice and garcinia.

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